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The company

1969 Konrad GmbH founded in Koblenz. Sales of new cleaning machines.

1971 Relocation to Lahnstein to an 800 m² hall. Start of buying and selling used cleaning machines.

1983 Relocation to Neuwied to a 1500 m² hall with a 20 ton crane. Start of buying and selling used industrial laundry machines. In addition, start of sales of Senking machines.

1995 Move to Plaidt. Several halls with a total of 2500 m² including hall cranes. Same area as the outdoor area.

1996 Foundation of Ecotex GmbH & Co. KG out of Konrad GmbH.

1996-98 Modernization of the halls and office buildings at the Plaidt site.

2008 Construction of a new additional hall with 800 m².

2015 Takeover of Ecotex GmbH & Co. KG by Thomas Michaelis.

2018 Modernization of the used machines according to mechanical engineering guidelines with new CE type plates.

2019 Expansion of another business area with new machines for commercial laundries. Partnership with Primus.

2020 Partnership with Rotondi / Italy (ironing and finishing technology), throughout Germany.

2021 Partnership with Alpha by Jensen for the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. Partnership with Tolon, throughout Germany.

2022 End of Partnership between Ecotex an Alliance/ Primus by the date 31.12.2022.

2023 Partnership with Electrolux Professional for sales and service.
Taking over of the company „Wäscherei- & Elektro-Technik Horst Balk“

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